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Quality Assurance

Herrco Cosmetics are proud to concur with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. We are continually striving to demonstrate our quality assurance and control mechanisms in as clear and concise a way as possible. Accordingly, we have gained certification from several accreditation bodies in order that we can communicate this more thoroughly to our clients and to consumers. Batch consistency is vital to any brand and Herrco guarantees all batches will be identical, from laboratory sample submissions to scaled-up mass production.

We are delighted to have recently passed our first British Retail Consortium audit; this being the highest form of audit a manufacturer can undertake. Our BRC certification ensures complete supply chain traceability for every step of the manufacturing process, as well as superlative quality and safety assured standards.

In conjunction with our BRC certification, indicative of our quality management standard, we have also received ISO: 9001 certification. In addition, our production facilities are demonstrative of exceptional cleanliness; our plant has been awarded a food hygiene licence in recognition of our rigorous quality control. We truly believe in the concept of skin food.

We take our natural, organic and botanical cosmetics production seriously, and have annual Ecocert audits to ensure our organic cosmetic products pass international regulations.