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Product Development

We are market leaders in producing natural cosmetics; we create brand leaders by developing award-winning formulations for manufacture. Our expertise spans natural, botanical and organic formulation and development.

At Herrco Cosmetics, our company ethos is built upon developing organic and natural ranges that can compete with, and even outperform, products from the non-natural sector by firmly utilising the active properties infused within botanical ingredients.

As such, many of our formulations have gone on to win prestigious awards in the cosmetics sector. Our oil-based facial serum containing Vitamin E, has won multiple awards. Our formulations have received further awards, including 2011’s Beauty Insider’s Choice CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) awards, known informally as the ‘Beauty Oscars’, and the Pure Beauty and Natural Health awards.

Clever formulating

Across the natural beauty spectrum, it is common for many cosmetics to harness ‘free-from’ claims by avoiding particular raw materials. Whether it be parabens, Sulphates, animal ingredients or mineral oils, our chemists can competently formulate to avoid ingredients without compromising on product performance.

One of the areas Herrco excel is in the plethora of excellent anhydrous (containing no water) products that we have formulated.

These work in tandem with gentler natural preservatives which support the natural antimicrobial effects already embedded within exfoliates and oils. By creating outstanding non-water based products, the products eliminate and negate the presence of synthetic preservatives throughout cosmetics regimes.

Organic Certification

We source many raw materials exclusively through Soil Association and Ecocert accredited channels; and highly successful Ecocert inspections three years running have ensured we are able to offer full organic certification for our products.

Ethical Trade

Alongside the rise in consumer demand for natural beauty products, ethical trade considerations are increasingly taking centre stage on the market. Given this growing call for supply chain traceability, we are making strong supplier links with ethical trade initiatives. Our first Fairtrade Foundation certified range is under development, and we are committed to developing our raw materials sourcing based on ethical and environmental sustainability criteria. We annually purchase value-added certificates from Green Palm Sustainability to support the production of sustainably farmed Palm oil.